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   Beginning the Healing Process...

Funerals are not just a ceremony to honor those who have died. Funerals are also an important ritual that helps survivors start dealing with their loss by sharing with those around them. The funeral serves as a central gathering place for family, friends and the community to give emotional and physical support to one another.

“One of the recognitions shared by humans throughout the world and over time is the importance of ritual”… “In every culture, significant transitions such as births, marriages and deaths have been marked by rituals.”
:: Disenfranchised Grief by Kenneth J. Doka

More than just a service for the person who has died, a funeral is for the loved ones who are left behind. Participating in a funeral can be a therapeutic act that actually starts the healing process.

“Funerals are not to benefit the dead, but the living. They have a number of unparalleled therapeutic benefits. As a rite of passage, the funeral assists you in recognizing the passing of your loved one, supporting you as you start your life without the deceased, and reintegrating you back into the social group as a person whose loved one is no longer alive.”
:: How to Go on Living When Someone You Love Dies by Therese A. Rando, Ph.D.

Funerals help give meaning to life. Every life is a rich tapestry of memories, emotions and experiences. Each of our lives has a story to tell; a meaning to uncover. Funerals help us to express the importance of the life lost and they provide an opportunity to receive the gift of treasured memories that others shared with the person who has died. Many families are pleasantly surprised to hear stories from friends and relatives about their loved one that they have never heard before. Being surrounded by family and friends and learning how their lives were touched can bring great comfort.

Our goal is to serve each family with personalized services in a way that is meaningful to them. There are many ways to honour the life of a loved one. We specialize in creating tributes that are tailored to each families’ specific needs.

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